Tokenisation is swiping through the world.

Until 2018 there have been more than 1500 tokens issued and the market is still gaining pace. Some claim that this is a new asset class, making tokens at least the kind of significance as company stocks were when the Dutch East India company issued them in 1602. However, tokenisation – the process of designing and issuing tokens within an ecosystem – is not trivial. Many projects have not yet delivered and even for those that have, token value often do not follow the project’s success. Both token buyers and startups lack a framework to price their assets and model their viability and sustainability.

Our team of entrepreneurs, investors and financial veterans have founded Symbol Network to build this framework and help tokens make the world a better place.




Founding Partner

David ran his AI-based SaaS firm for 4 years in London before he joined the crypto world. In 2017 he helped build, Europe’s then largest marketplace for crypto startups and investors. As one of its first team members he had the role of Head of Global Expansion which gave him invaluable insight to the worldwide crypto marketplace.. He is an advisor of a number of startups in the crypto space.


Founding Partner

Derivative trader turned investor. Founding Partner at Traction Tribe, a CEE-based startup accelerator. President and board member of the Hungarian Business Angel Network. Antal has been working with and accelerating tech startups in the last 8 years and holds a PhD in statistical and computational physics.



Under her leadership of Funding London since 2009, two funds have been launched: the MMC London Fund (launched in late 2012) and the London Co-investment Fund (launched in December 2014). Maggie began her career at Hawkpoint Partners in mid-market M&A and capital markets and was later a corporate finance partner at Mazars. Maggie holds a Masters in Materials Engineering from MIT and an MBA from the Yale School of Management.



Writer and creative head known for delivering amazing results. She has worked in the in-house creative services department of a Fortune 15 company and setup its EMEA Region in-house creative department; worked as creative director for a successful internet startup in Web 1.0, joined a global branding agency where she wrote for blue chip companies such was Wells Fargo and 3M. Elizabeth is a co-founder of Melissa, a global communications agency specializing in the blockchain space.

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